About Us

The Master Cleaners Training Institute is a New Zealand company dedicated to providing training programmes to raise the standards and status of the cleaning industry in New Zealand.

The Master Cleaners Training Institute was initiated to provide industry leading training programmes to cleaners that want and appreciate the value in earning an internationally recognised certificate.

Backed by Crest Commercial Cleaning Ltd who has been training cleaning industry professionals since 1996, Master Cleaners Training Institute grasped the opportunity to step in and provide an acclaimed and internationally recognised training programme for the commercial cleaning industry.

Master Cleaners can be of great benefit to organisations that employ cleaners. We can offer a customised training programme, which can be based around their workplace, tailored to suit all their business requirements. The outcome is trained staff that are competent in the necessary core skills, Health & Safety and ‘best practice’ process and procedures.

With personnel trained to an internationally recognised and accredited standard, businesses and organisations will demonstrably see an improvement in both the standard of cleaning and improvement in workplace productivity and as standards are raised, hygiene is improved.

The Master Cleaners Training Institute offers a schedule of courses and dates through New Zealand. Individual courses can be scheduled to suit our customers.

“With over 30,000 commercial cleaners across New Zealand, Master Cleaners aim to raise the standards and status of the industry has got to be good news for both New Zealand employees and the businesses that employ them,” comments Grant McLauchlan, Managing Director of Crest Commercial Cleaning Ltd.

“There is no doubt that an investment in training builds not only confidence, but also competence in people. That is why CrestClean has invested heavily in training its people which has led to the explosive growth in our business,” says Mr McLauchlan.

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Raising standards through innovation and skills development.