Large floors now a breeze

Franchisee Hary Ficks using a brand new automatic scrubber.

Franchisee Hary Ficks using a brand new automatic scrubber.

Keeping large floor areas clean and polished is a breeze for Crest’s Southland teams.

Well-trained personnel are skilled in all aspects of floor care and have invested in new machinery as demand for services grows, says Glenn Cockroft, Crest’s Southland Regional Manager.

“School halls and large areas is something that we previously haven’t been able to offer but now we can. We now have the capability to tackle any large area with different surfaces.”

The number of hard floors is increasing, added Glenn, and Crest personnel can offer a complete floor service. “Floor size is not a problem for us.

“We are often asked to look at some large hard floor areas to clean, which for some people can be a daunting task to undertake.”

Glenn said there has been a big rise in the number of companies and organisations moving to polished concrete as a floor option.

“The floor looks really good but it can require some specialist cleaning to keep it looking great.”

Keeping a large area looking pristine is a constant challenge, added Glenn.

“Large floor areas can be an arduous task to clean as they are very time consuming and do not always get the full clean that they require especially when in the case of some facilities that rely on the users to clean up after themselves.”

But with a well-planned cleaning programme that Crest offers its customers the job is relatively straightforward, added Glenn.

“Regular cleaning using the correct techniques and equipment can keep those large floor areas looking great for years.”

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