Best Trainers Lead by Example

Adam Hodge demonstrating best practices at a training course for CrestClean.

Adam Hodge demonstrating best practices at a training course for CrestClean.

When it comes to training new CrestClean franchisees, Master Cleaners Training Institute’s CEO Adam Hodge believes the best teachers are the most capable, passionate franchisees who are already operating their own businesses all over New Zealand.

“A good Induction Trainer would have to have been delivering quality work in their franchise for at least a year to be considered. They will have demonstrated good communication skills, good reporting skills and attention to detail,” he says.

Every new CrestClean franchisee must undergo three weeks of training with one of these Induction Trainers, in order to prepare them to be out in the field, cleaning for their customers. This makes the role of Induction Trainer particularly important.

“It is the Induction Trainers who lead by example for our new franchisees, showing them the standards and quality of service that is expected by CrestClean and our customers,” says Adam. “Their professionalism and dedication enables them to provide the relevant quality-based practical training, whilst passing on their industry experience, skills and knowledge. This gives new franchisees the confidence to provide a quality service to their customers allowing them to have a successful start to their new business.”

Induction Trainers attend a four to six hour course in teaching and delivery techniques, processes and procedures. “The standard of training by Induction Trainers is continually monitored and assessed,” says Adam. “They deserve a big thank you as they go above and beyond the call of duty when delivering the training and I believe the work carried out by them is vital to the overall success of CrestClean and our franchisees.”

There are currently 46 Induction Trainers throughout CrestClean’s 24 regions, however Master Cleaners Training Institute is always on the lookout for qualified and capable franchisees to jump aboard the training train!

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